The Pauli Blomsted “Post Deco” Collection


“I have lived only to discover the principle of beauty in all things. History will measure if I have found that truth in my work”. When Pauli Blomsted personalized his objective, he did not realize that he would be prophesizing the tragedy that would befall him. Just as he was entering the zenith of his creative years, his life was cut short by tuberculosis. Although it is easy to question what creative expression his genius might have left behind had he lived to a mature age similar to Eliel Saarinen. Instead, we can only be thankful for his few designs he was inspired to create.
Educated as an architect, the ravages of the first World War in unison with his youth offered little opportunity for the design and construction of buildings. Instead, he turned his attention and dedication to the design of furniture. Although radical at the time Mr. Blomsted created his furniture, it truly showed a glimpse of the future. Having emerged as the leading theorist of the 1930’s “Funkis” movement, Blomsted stressed the need to combine and balance all elements of his day – those of industrial mass-production and the requirements of small residential environments, while respecting the functional, artistic whole. More than six decades after their creation and his own passing, the Post Deco Collection continues to impress us with its clean, timeless grace.

Post Deco End Table


Post Deco End Table This table features a unique two-tier design. 3 legs. (shown) It’s smaller size allows it to

Post Deco Credenza


Post Deco Credenza Dimensions: 34″ H x 54″W x 16″D Perhaps the most unique of all Blomsted’s furniture designs, this

Post Deco Console


Post Deco Console This simple but unique console is appropriate for a variety of uses. The design reflects Blomsted’s aesthetic

Post Deco Lounge Chair


Post Deco Lounge Chair This chair in unique in its considerable comfort and scale. Wood trim is used to define

Post Deco Arm Chair


Post Deco Arm Chair This elegant cantilevered arm chair is an ideal complement to either Blomsted’s desks or tables. This

Post Deco Single Pedestal and Double Pedestal Desk


Post Deco Single Pedestal and Double Pedestal Desk These functional desks are one of the few tubular designs available to